Lamp Recycling

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We all want a clean planet and a healthy environment. To achieve that, we need to be conscious of any toxic waste that can contaminate our planet. Mercury- the only liquid metal known to man- is one of those toxic wastes. Did you know that...


 All Fluorescent & HID Lamps contain mercury?


 National consumption of mercury-containing fluorescent & HID lamps exceeds 1 billion annually?

One 4' fluorescent light bulb can contaminate 100 lbs. of fish?

 To keep our planet free of mercury, burned-out (spent) fluorescent or HID lamps must be disposed of according to state law. While we always recommend that you recycle, no matter which state you live in, the following states require that ALL mercury-containing lamps be recycled:

·         California
·         Connecticut
·         Florida
·         Maine
·         Massachusetts
·         Minnesota
·         New York
·         Rhode Island
·         Vermont
How can you determine which lamps contain mercury? Here’s a simple rule of thumb…
If the lamp is an incandescent or a halogen, it DOES NOT contain mercury. EVERY other lamp contains mercury, and should be recycled.
Remember, if your state mandates that spent mercury-containing lamps be recycled, then this is not an option. The Federal and State EPA can fine you for not complying with these laws. If you are unclear how to recycle your lamps, call us at 888-808-5267, and we can show you how to become EPA-compliant.  
Thanks for your cooperation in making our planet a safer and cleaner place!