Ordering Procedures

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How do I order online?

Simply click on the PLACE ORDER link found at the top of the page or on the sidebar. Add the quantity to the items you are needing until your order is complete and click on the add to cart button.

*Note: if you enter a quantity that does not meet the package quantity requirement you will be notified by a pop up window. The pop up will display the correct quantity and the system will put the correct quantity automatically. For example: Package Qty: CS (4 items)

Once you have added items to your cart you can click on view cart button to ensure you have entered the correct items and quantities. There two fields that allow you to place your purchase order number and any special comments regarding your order.

Once you are satisfied with what you are ordering click on the checkout button.  There several fields that are required.  Once you have completed filling out the fields click on the continue button.

The payment method is the last step then click on confirm order / quote. A final window will appear that will show the details of your order and shipping and billing address. Once you have verified then click on submit order / quote.


How do I order by phone?

1-888-808-5267 and our friendly Customer Service department will offer fast personal service.