Utility Rebates

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Please click here to see a comprehensive list of LED utility rebates in the U.S. 

 Lighting accounts for up to 58% of your electricity cost (Source: EEI), and the cost of electricity goes up every year. To help offset the cost of a large retrofit rollout, we help retailers with multiple locations in different states garner rebate dollars and Epact Tax Credits.

Did you know that between 1989-2006, energy efficiency programs helped to save 860 billion kWh of electricity? That’s enough to power 80% of US homes for an entire year! These programs also eliminated the need to build an additional 360 medium-sized power plants (rated at 300 megawatts each).
We understand that each location may have different:
·         Eligible Products
·         Conditions and Requirements
·         Start and Expiration Dates
·         Pre-Approval Processes
·         Pre- and Post-Inspection Processes
Specialty Lighting Group can help:
·         Identify virtually all rebates for which you are eligible
·         Advise which alternative high quality lighting solutions have better rebates
·         Negotiate with utilities to ensure the preferred solution will receive the best possible rebate
·         Work with the utility and contractor/distributor/manufacturer to arrange pre-approval, pre-inspection, and post-inspection, as appropriate
·         File all the rebate paperwork
·         Ensure your eligible rebate dollars are paid
·         Make it easy to save energy and money!

To find out if your project qualifies, call us at 800-254-4482.